Beretning fra Oman


I had the pleasure and privilege to join OZ5E (The Henhouse) contest station which is also known as Danish Contest Academy (DCA) this year to have some fun on the air remotely from Denmark while I am physically located in Oman (A4 land).
I was amazed with the station setup and low noise floor and the great welcome by the station owners Jan and Andrew.
The idea was to enter the ARRL DX SSB contest as experiment and preparation for CQ WPX SSB 2021.
Just before the ARRL SSB contest we had few zoom meetings and the team from different countries got to know each other and planned for the contest. We were quite an international group, consisting of stations from Qatar, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Lithuania, New Zealand – and Oman.
During the ARRL contest we had a good time getting used to operate the station remotely although the propagation was very poor to North America.

Then just before CQ WPX SSB we started planning again and it was decided earlier to use the CallSign OZ73A for this contest. However, unfortunately the team was smaller this time due to commitments and some had other plans to work the contest and Jan OZ1ADL was celebrating his birthday, so for that fact we decided to enter the Multi Single category and due to slight technical problems with some of the amplifier we had to go for low power.

The remaining team did their best to keep the station running in difficult conditions and low power however the good antennas helped to be heard.
As usual the stations great technician Kim OZ1JUX was there from the start and was alone sometimes but never gave up. Niels OZ1ETA was operating remotely from the neighborhood while I was going remotely on the evenings all the way from Oman, and Marc DO4DXA visited the station on Sunday and had some good fun on low bands when Jan back from his birthday celebration and did a good run till the end making a final score of 1 million.

It was a great fun and pleasure and looking forward for some more.

Best regards,
Khalid A41CK